Searching the Word for our Son

Posted on May 30, 2014 at 1:25 AM

Ok here is the adoption update we've been so excited to share with you all!

(This just got deleted so here's my late night attempt of writing it all out again, haha! God WILL get the glory for his work! And you will ignore any spelling errors! Haha!)  We have been on this adoption journey for a year now, but really our story began in the begining of 2010... When Haiti was hit with their horrific earthquake. We had just lost our son, (details in previous blog), and weren't yet pregnant with our now 3 year old son, Carter, and our hearts broke for Haiti. We looked into adopting from there but found out we didn't qualify. We had to each be at least 30 and married a minimum of 10 years. Well even so, I researched orphanages out there and came accross one called Gods Littlest Angels and fell in love with them! We donated what we could and signed up for their newletters. Once we got the first one in the mail, it was full of little faces who were in desperate need of being adopted. I held onto that paper for months praying and crying over them and asking God to allow us to adopt one of them one day. Well we know that God does some crazy miracles but this is one of the coolest in my life so far. Time went on, we had two children, God re-broke our hearts for orphans, we began the adoption process and began meeting people on the same journey. Carol Duarte insisted I meet a lady who lived up the street from me, Zsanae Miller. (If you don't follow them on Instagram you need to!) Well Zsanae and I hung out a few times while she was waiting for her son to come home and then one day God had me scroll through all my old Instagram pictures. And there it was, so unexpected and forgotten.

Do you see the date on the top right hand corner of that post??? 109 weeks ago?? God blessed us with two beautiful children and we had forgotten about the millions in need of famiies. We had forgotten we prayed these prayers. But God didn't, He had a plan all along, He re opened our eyes and used this paper as a miracle. I re-posted this on our adoption accound and Zsanae commented on it... She had this exact same paper STILL and sent me a picture of the full thing to show me that her son Jacque was on that paper!!!! She had the paper before they started adopting too, and also prayed over all those sweet faces! After she was matched with Jacque she realized he was on that paper as well. How amazing is that?!?! After she got her amazing son home and they came over and visited, I just sat in awe. Really, God? I was broken from loosing my son, broken over Haiti, prayed for those children, for Jacques, then three years go by and I make a new friend who I had no idea about back then, and she now has Jacque HOME as her son. And he's in my living room becoming friends with MY son? Oh, this is too good!

Well once we dove into adopting and knew Haiti wasn't an option, Uganda was our next choice and was so easy to fall madly in love with. For a year now I've dove into learning about Uganda, falling in love with that land and culture, following every person I can find who had adopted from there, prayed for our son there and had him cemented in my head, dreamed and dreamed some more about going to Africa and stepping on that red dirt and watching my son run to us. And yet God had different plans. Uganda is such a tricky place to adopt from right now between lack of structure for adoption and high demand of families wanting to adopt from there, and high amount of corruption. It has broken my heart so badly and I've been terrified learning about it because I desperately did not want to see this part of our journey end. Its devastating that the corruption is limiting people from being able to do ethical adoptions there, its not impossible! Its just so much harder right now. Its devastating because International Adoptions have decreased rapidly the last few years already. (If you're interested in details, this blog is so informative about the current state of Ugandan adoptions ).


But the Lord is not done with us, or the miracles! So I wanted to attend an adoption conference but couldn't afford it. A girl, Mallory Crain, I had never met who didn't even live in the same state as me, who followed our adoption Instagram page, one night felt the Lord leading her to buy me a ticket, and she did! I couldn't believe it and totally cried!! Well then it got weirder! Turns out unbeknownst to either of us, that she grew up with a girl in our home bible study group, Dianna Gritters! Even crazier! When I finally got to MEET and HUG and THANK her at the conference, she told me Haiti just changed their guidlines for adoptions and thats where her family has decided to adopt from. Wait... What?? That's right! They are now a Hague accredited country, (which is so awesome and basically means they take all steps to ensure ethical adoptions!), and they changed their requirements to only one parent needing to be 30 and married a minimum of 5 years. I-was-shocked! I text our agency right then and there to confirm and within the hour they were looking into a program we could transfer to to adopt from Haiti. I know this is getting lengthy but friends, there is one more miracle!!! Before we had made this final decision to apply for the Haiti program, dear friends of ours Brooke and Bryce, dropped $300 on our porch one random day for our adoption! Again, I was shocked. The next week we sent in our preliminary application, $50. Next week, formal application, $200. Really God? Again? And today we found out we are accepted into the program and are thrilled to move forward! Since our home study and dossier (all adoption paperwork) are completed, they'll just need to make minor changes for Haiti versus Uganda requirements before sending it all over. Once matched with our child we'll travel there soon after for two weeks to bond with him!!! Then come home and wait an excruciating year or so until Haiti finalizes all paperwork and we get the green light to bring him HOME!!!! And I'll end with the God sized goals we now walk in faith with. But let me say, we are walking in TOTAL faith that HE WILL PROVIDE! He's made that real clear. We still have $5500 in our adoption account! We will pay our new agency $1750 tomorrow, then $4100 in the next month. But in total including those fee's we'll need to save/ fundraise another $20,000- $25,000. We are choosing to not even really look at those numbers, just walk in faith taking one step at a time.


If you feel called to support our journey you can pray for us, (clearly God has moved mountains already through prayer!!!), share our story with others through word of mouth of sharing this blog on your social media account, and/or financially supporting us by going to the donate button on the home page of our website. We appreciate you all taking this journey with us! Thank you for all the support you have flooded us with this year!

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Reply Shawna Sheahen
6:23 PM on May 30, 2014 
So excited for you guys, Aly!! Love to read these stories about God being so faithful to answer our prayers and lead us where He wants us to go! Prayers for a quick match!!